David Broughton's Puzzles & Programs

This page contains puzzles that have been published in the Hot Key magazine, plus others on months when the Hot Key did not appear.

Some utility programs written by David Broughton are also described here. All the files are very small and will download in a GIFfy. None of the programs needs to be “installed” or “uninstalled”. You just run them (or delete them if you don't want them) and Windows does not need to know they are there.

Sadly David passed away on 2 March 2017.

Here is a list of Hot Key puzzles from November 2002 to November 2009.

Some useful Programs

These are a couple of David's favourite DOS utilities that are free to anyone to use.


When you click on the hyperlink from the list, one of the following should happen:
  1. In the case of a graphics file, the diagram or picture will be displayed on your screen. You should then right click the diagram to get a menu of selections one of which is “Save Picture As...”. Select this and navigate to the directory (i.e. folder) where you would like to store it.
  2. In the case of an executable program file or a zip file, you will be asked to choose between saving the program or running it. So that you have a copy to run as many times as you want, we suggest you choose “Save this file to disk”. All programs can be run under Windows or DOS and are self-contained i.e. do not need to be “installed” by Windows so you can delete the program file whenever you want.


HTML Characters A list of special characters for HTML users.

HTML Colours A range of colours for Web developers.

Table of the first 100 Prime Numbers

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