The CRACK16 Puzzle-Program

This puzzle is similar to a previous puzzle called CRACKBAR. In this case you have 16 pegs in a 4 x 4 board to remove except for the last peg. You start by selecting a peg to remove. After that you have to make pegs jump over one another. When you have reached only one peg, a secret code word will appear on the screen to show that you have done it. Send that code word to me, David Broughton, by e-mail or post to arrive by 2nd June and you will be entered into the prize draw.

To download the file CRACK16.EXE, click here.

The program is for running in any version of Windows or DOS. It is recommended that you save the download on your desktop where it can be run by double-clicking the icon. Alternatively you can run it by navigating to where you saved it and double-clicking the file name. You can also run the program from the Windows Run command (click Start, then Run and type the path and program name).

As you do the puzzle you will see a series of code letters under the board. These record your moves so that you have a record of your successful (or unsuccessful) attempts. The first letter is the peg removed at the start. After a colon, the other letters show which peg was moved and which direction it was moved in using the letters R,U,L,D for Right, Up, Left and Down.

If you find the movements of the pegs too slow, you can speed them on their way by hitting any key on the keyboard. If you make a mistake, you can use the backspace key to take back your last move. Everything else you need to know is on the playing screen.

Here is one of many possible solutions: Remove H, FR,NU,ER,MU,HL,OU,PU,AD,BD,IR,DD,LL,CD,KL. The second letter is Up,Down,Right,Left. Removing a corner peg or an inner peg leads to no solution. The lucky winner was John Stafford.

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