The program FID is provided so that you can check that you have an accurate copy of the original program. Every program and every file has a FID code. “FID” can also be thought to stand for “File IDentity” because you can use it to identify a file from its Fid code. This is useful generally when you want to check that two files are identical.

More information about FID is provided in the file FID.TXT that comes with the program. Both the program FID.COM and the file FID.TXT are zipped into one file for downloading called FID.ZIP. Once you have this program you can check itself and then check any other files that you download from this site as the Fid codes are provided in the Fid Code Table.

Note: Version 2.1 of FID does not give the same results as previous versions. If you have an older version you are advised to update your FID program.

Click here to download the file FID.ZIP containing FID.COM version 2.1.
(It will take only a few seconds.)

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