join the iwpcug

You can join either by post or by coming along to a meeting. An application form can be obtained from the button on the right or from the Membership Secretary who is usually present at every meeting. The current subscription is £12.

Members are asked to pay £2 at each meeting to cover the hire of the room and for refreshments.

You may become an Associate Member at no cost if you live with someone who is a full member at the same address. Associate members cannot vote and do not receive a copy of HotKey, the club magazine, but otherwise are regarded as full members.

All members are encouraged to join the Yahoo egroup “iwpcusers” by sending an email to iwpcusers-subscribe@yahoogroups.com which you can do just by clicking that link. You don't need to send any message but you must send the email using the email address you want to use to communicate with the egroup. There is no extra cost in joining the egroup.

Joining the egroup keeps you in touch with the club where you can ask technical questions or just read the problems and answers of other members. If you can contribute with your own expertise, so much the better. The egroup also carries the Chairman's monthly report and other announcements from time to time.

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