The club has a discussion group (also called e-group) provided by Yahoo with the name “iwpcusers”. The E-Group can be found here. All members are recommended to subscribe to this e-group as a means of keeping in contact with announcements, and raising, or helping solve, computer problems. Membership is restricted to members of the Isle of Wight PC User Group.

Once you are a subscriber you can ask questions, raise technical problems and discus club activities whilst reading what other members are asking and doing. This is a valuable resource for the club to enable us all to participate more fully.

Members can send e-mails to everyone on the list by sending to “iwpcusers@yahoogroups.com”. Note that HTML e-mails are not recommended and attachments are not allowed except for special purposes.

There are two ways of applying for a subscription to the list:

Registering with Yahoo

There are some facilities provided by Yahoo that can only be accessed by registering with them. You can:

To apply to join, go to groups.yahoo.com/group/iwpcusers , and click the join Yahoo group button. If you already have a Yahoo ID, you can apply immediately, otherwise you first have to create a Yahoo ID. Although this method is more long-winded than the method described below, it does have the advantages listed above.

Register by Email

To apply to join, send an e-mail to iwpcusers-subscribe@yahoogroups.com with the subject "join", which you can do by clicking on the link above and hitting “Send”.

You should get a reply from yahoogroups asking you to confirm your application, you then have to reply to that e-mail to make the confirmation.

Irrespective of which method you choose, your application will be reviewed by one of our moderators to ensure you an an IWPCUG member, after which your membership of the group will be confirmed.

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