With 3 coins it is possible to make some values in more than one way. For example, the value £1.20 can be made up from the three coins 50p + 50p + 20p. But the same value can also be made up from the three coins £1 + 10p + 10p.

There are several instances where 3 different coins add up to the same value. The puzzle this month is to find some of them, if not all.

For every one you find your name will be entered into the prize draw so the more you find, the more will be your chance of winning. (The previous month winner will not be excluded this time.)

If you send me more than one list, only the first will be valid so make sure you have found all you can before sending in your answer.

The coins you can use are those currently in use, namely, £2, £1, 50p, 20p, 10p, 5p, 2p and 1p.

ANSWER in pence units:

  12: 2,5,5         or  1,1,10
  22: 2,10,10       or  1,1,20
  30: 10,10,10      or  5,5,20
  60: 20,20,20      or  5,5,50
 102: 2,50,50       or  1,1,100
 110: 10,50,50      or  5,5,100
 120: 20,50,50      or  10,10,100
 202: 2,100,100     or  1,1,200
 210: 10,100,100    or  5,5,200
 220: 20,100,100    or  10,10,200
 300: 100,100,100   or  50,50,200

I received only three answers to this puzzle. They were from John Stafford, Christopher Broughton and Richard Birkill. John Stafford only found ten answers, Christopher Broughton found eleven but is not a member, so the prize this month goes to Richard Birkill. Thanks to Christopher for typing out the answers shown above.

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