. . . 6    2    5    4    ?    7    10    14    21    32 . . .

The above sequence of numbers are generated by a simple rule. The sequence can be extended in both directions but the answer to this month's puzzle is to find the value of the number represented by the question mark.

The Answer (scroll down to see it)










The sequence can be extended to the right by observing that each term is the sum of the previous two terms less 3. For example, 14 = 10 + 7 - 3. This can be confirmed for all the terms after the first two and the answer, therefore, is 5+4-3 = 6.

Six correct answers were received from: Michael Hodge, Peter Greenhalgh, John Stafford, John Bownas, Gwynn White and Clem Robertson. John Bownas won the draw. Well done. Now try the May puzzle!

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