This game is for one player. It is similar to a game you can find on some mobile phones.

The general idea is to guide a snake (moving at a constant speed) left/right/up/down over an area where two forms of food are placed randomly: a mouse and a bird. The mouse scores one point and the bird scores four. Both extend the length of the snake one unit.

The game ends when the snake tries to eat itself.

You don't need this screen of text to play the game as all required information is on the playing screen. Suitable for running under DOS or any version of Windows.

The result is a score plus a security code of two letters.

This game was the Hot Key prize puzzle for November 2002 but remains here for anyone who might like to pit their wits at it.

Click here to download the program file SNAKE.EXE now (it should download in less than half a minute).

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