List of words:
[3] ail ear eli gel lea lot owe par
[4] debt elan epic erie lath lear lees lend malt opal pail peat sago slap yeti
[5] abort alibi amass amber annal aspen atlas balsa elder gnome layer madam minor often radar rayon robot salad senor spoil strum trash
[6] admire aspire guinea invoke muslin nectar purser reface remain review
[7] abdomen alimony allegro allergy asinine bonfire elevate hangman nairobi pigtail theorem torment varnish
[9] balaclava breakfast foresight imprecise
This is an unusual crossword. You don't have any clues. Instead, you have a list of all the words -- or almost all the words. You have to complete the crossword using only words from the list, except for four words which are missing but which can be found by interlocking the words across and down. A word may not be used more than once.

I have listed the words in the order of their length and then alphabetically within each group. To help you get started, one of the words has been placed in the diagram.

The answer to this puzzle is not the diagram itself but the four missing words. To be included in the prize draw, please send those words to me by 1st December.

To contact me by email click this symbol:    Scroll down for the solution:























Here is the solution with the required four words highlighted.

I received correct answers from Roger Brown, John Stafford, Gordon Stonham, David Groom, Rosemary West and Peter Greenhalgh. John Stafford won the draw.

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