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The best of several solutions to this puzzle can be seen by scrolling this page.
The above image is a replica of the screen image you will see when you run the program called ATOB which you can download. It is quite small, only 13 kbytes, and will download very quickly. Place it in any suitable directory and run it.

The puzzle is to traverse to grid of numbers from A to B to maximise your score using the arrow keys.

You can only move in the four directions up, down, left, right. You can also backtrack with the same keys. When you arrive at B you will be given a security code for the total. Please send that code with the total to me by email by 4th May 2005. The person with the highest total is the winner. You can run the program as often as you like until you have got a satisfactory high score.

Click here to download the program file ATOB.EXE. You can run it from a DOS prompt or by double clicking the program file.

To contact me by email click this symbol:















Here are the top three answers that I received to this puzzle:
1262 from Clem Robertson
1278 from David Groom
1396 from John Stafford. Well done, John, and thanks to all the others who didn't quite make it.

So John Stafford won the prize this month. Here is his solution:

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