This is the diagram you can download for the August 2003 puzzle if you would like to do the puzzle using the Microsoft program Paint (it comes with all versions of Windows). The great thing about Paint is that it is very easy to move objects about and this is what you are faced with in this puzzle.

The problem is to make a rectangle by fitting the squares together, adjacent to one another, leaving no spaces. You will find that the squares will pack together neatly if you consider combinations of sizes.

Make your foreground colour black and your background colour white. White will also be transparent if you select the lower of the two options after clicking on the Select tool (top right in the toolbox). Increase the working area to about 800 x 500 pixels to give yourself room to work (choose image/attributes to set the width and height).

The dimensions given in the squares are pixels. The borders are three pixels wide and are included once only in the size. This means that when you move one square up to another, their borders must be made to overlap exactly (i.e. leaving not more border thickness than the three pixels). If you do this and all twelve squares are correctly positioned, you will form a neat rectangle that you can print out or send to me by email attachment (but make sure you compress it with the GIF format).

To download the diagram, right click on it and select "Save Picture As.."

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