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The diagram shows 34 fields. No, this is not like the July puzzle. The object here is to draw a continuous line from field A to field B passing through as many fields as possible. You are not expected to visit every one, but the more the better. The person who visits the most fields is the winner (or, if equal, a draw will take place).

The rules are

  • you must start in field A and end up in field B passing from one field to the other through the common boundary, not through a junction.
  • you may visit a field once and once only
  • you are not allowed outside the diagram

Add up the number of fields visited and write the result in the space provided with your name and send to me, David Broughton, Willscroft, Copse Lane, Freshwater, PO40 9BZ to arrive by 2nd November 2005 or send your diagram (compressed in GIF format) by email by clicking this symbol: . Extra copies of the diagram can be downloaded from .


I recieved only two answers to this puzzle; both were of of 32 areas (counting the start and finish areas). Because there was not at least three competitors, no draw took place this month. The two members who responded were John Stafford and John Moxon. Thank you.

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