“Computability” is the name given to an organisation working for the disabled within the Isle of Wight PC User Group. Whilst there are some pages relating to Compuability within this web site, the main web site, which is more up to date, can be found at www.cfd-iw.org.uk


  1. To lend disabled people on the Isle of Wight suitable computer equipment for a trial period of three months, with teaching and technical back-up, to enable them to assess the benefits of using a computer before committing money to a possibly redundant purchase.
  2. To help disabled people sort out problems with existing computer equipment.
  3. To promote awareness of the many ways that computer equipment can help disabled people.
  4. Although the project cannot hope to fund individuals wishing to buy equipment, it aims to give informed, impartial advice on acquiring computer equipment -- in some cases second-hand -- and will direct suitable disabled people to charities which are equipped to help financially.